WorldFIP Tools 6


Depending on your needs, your hardware device must be registered for the software products concerned.

These keys are indicated on the device sticker.


  • FipArbiter

    • FipCore - Mandatory Key

      To use FipCore library with the specific FipArbiter device

    • FipCore+ - Optional Key

      This key can be used to replace the FipCore key. It unlocks additional features like:

      • FipCore API functions for OPC UA Server
      • FipBusView library (LabView *.lvlib)

    • FipLabs - Optional Key

      To generate XML stations configuration files and control your device from FipLabs (FipDesigner Tab)

      Note : To use FipLabs with FipArbiter device, it's necessary to enter keys for FipLabs and FipCore

  • FipWatcher

    • FipLabs - Optional Key

      In most case, it's not necessary to register the FipWatcher device to make a FIP/WorldFIP network analysis.
      However a registration is needed to take advantage of extended options such as remote access (cf. FipWatcher Server) or the mnemonic (labels) analysis mode. This key also allows to generate XML stations configuration files for FipArbiter devices.

The Product Key Manager application allows to enter up to 8 product keys by local workstation. To use this, follow the instructions below.

windows-logo Windows

Open Product Keys Manager application. To do this, click on:

Windows Start Menu -> WorldFIP Tools 6 -> Product Keys Manager

or launch:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Exoligent\WorldFipTools\6.x\bin\ProductKeyManager.exe

linux-logo GNU/Linux

Open a terminal and enter the following commands:

$ cd /usr/local/Exoligent/WorldFipTools/6.x/bin/
$ ./ProductKeyManager

product keys app for win