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   General Presentation

FiWiP (FipWatcher over IP) is a device that monitors each FIP/WorldFIP bus frame and pass it to Ethernet (UDP/IP).

The system is completely passive and invisible for the FIP network. All the FIP frames are numbered and timestamped before being sent over Ethernet.

Based on a GNU/Linux operating system, it is possible to simply administer and setup the gateway remotely via any administration tool. Once done, no additional operator intervention is required and the data flow is transmitted continuously.

FiWiP device

Note: This device is sold turnkey by Exoligent, but if you wish to create your own hardware solution, please contact us.
We also offer a separate integration solution:

  • FIP analyser board: FipWatcher (mPCIe)
  • Software: FiWiP package (driver, daemon, wireshark dissector) [see the download section below]

  • Hardware
    • Embedded Automation Computer
    • FIP device: FipWatcher (mPCIe)

  • Software
    • OS: GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS ...)
    • Admin tool: Webmin (web-server)
    • Protocol: UDP/IP (FWP: FipWatcher over IP [Exoligent Protocol])
    • Service: fipudpd (FIP to UDP daemon)
    • Linux Driver: pcifw (FipWatcher kernel module)
    • GUI:
      • Wireshark: fwp.lua (LUA dissector for FWP protocol)
      • FipLabs [Exoligent GUI]

The last stable release (1) of FiWiP light package is 1.0.0 (2019-12-18).

linux-logo GNU/Linux


Supported Versions: Ubuntu LTS 18.04 +, Debian 10 +

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Supported Versions: CentOS 8 +, RHEL 8 +

Older versions

Previous installers can be found by browsing our FTP archive

(1) See Release Note.