fiwip_img FIP-OPCUA Gateway

   Admin Tool

By default, the administration tool installed on the FIP-OPCUA gateway is Webmin.

To access the FIP-OPCUA gateway webmin page, type in the address bar of your web browser: https://fipopcua.local:10000

Webmin default passwords:

  • Login: exo
  • Password: exopwd

WARNING: By default, the Webmin user access rights is set to Unix authentication. In other words, when you login to Webmin, Webmin will authenticate the user name and password against credentials of same user name in Unix/Linux account. Thus, Webmin user shares the same password with Unix/Linux user account, and always in sync.
So, it is strongly recommended to change your root pass the first time you connect!

Webmin - Login Page
Webmin - Login Page

Webmin - Home Page
Webmin - Home Page

1 - Login into Webmin interface.

2 - Click on the option ‘System’ in the left sidebar of Webmin.

3 - Select the option ‘Change Password’ and you will see all users listed.

4 - Select the user which you want to change the password from the list.

5 - Enter the new password. Here you need to select the following options:

  • Force user to change password at next login.
  • Change password in other modules.

6 - After that click on the ‘Change’ button.