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Communication processor for FIP WorldFIP network. Product no long

er available.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5.


The FULLFIP2 component (Alstom) is a communication coprocessor implementing most of the link and application
protocols of the WorldFIP fieldbus. It has been designed with VLSI TECHNOLOGY silicon compiler tools. The
circuit contains more than 160,000 transistors in high density 0.8–mm C–MOS technology.

The FULLFIP2 chip ( mqfp100) is the second generation of the FULLFIP integrated circuit; it enhances communication
performances by integrating the possibility to operate at the physical layer in conformance with the IEC standard
and by increasing the network transmission rate.

This circuit is intended to equip any field device having a certain intelligence level such as PLC, I/O mux, Drive,
Console,... capable of managing a great number of variables, including intelligent sensors and actuators.

For next generation of FullFIP2 we will propose m-PowerFIP with FPGA component.

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